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Sineen is an arab fashion designer who designs wedding and evening dresses and owns a salon and dress design studio in Jerusalem and jaffa . She acquired her love of design from a young age when Sineen's two grandmothers were seamstresses and learned from an early age to sew and design dresses and clothes.

Sineen holds a bachelor's degree in special education for early childhood and a master's degree in art therapy. She is also a certified art teacher. Over the years she has studied many fields and worked in them out of curiosity and love to know and help others. In addition, she studied children's literature and published a children's book in 2021, which is also a therapeutic book based on emotional and psychological cornerstones.

Sineen continued to emotionally care for her patients in her private clinic for years, but the design world always called her and drew her back to a place of creativity and beauty.

At the beginning of her career, she started designing evening dresses in special styles, new and surprising ideas that very quickly attracted the attention of a wide audience from all kinds of ethnicities and cultures. Her unique designs have suited a wide range of cultures and she has also given space to the modest clients in her designs.

Later she started designing wedding dresses as well, both for secular brides and for modest and religious brides. When the advantage of Sineen as a designer is her birth and her presence in a country that is multicultural and diverse.

Every day she draws inspiration from the environment and the variety and beauty that surrounds her. She loves to design unique, special and groundbreaking designs. It is also attentive to the individual needs of each client and adapts the design to the character and body of the client and the bride.

Today, Sineen has a clear fingerprint in her designs and she continues to shape and surprise with her ideas over and over again.

Sineen is known for her charm in painting the dress as a work of art from her magical imagination.

Sineen believes that every woman is a queen, that every woman is a unique figure and has a unique beauty for her. She respects their desire to feel like royalty and to feel beauty and love. She invites you to visit her kingdom and be honored by the beauty of all her kingdoms.

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